Chemical Management Systems

In today’s world of sanitary maintenance, building service contractors, school districts, and independent maintenance staffs are under more pressure than ever to clean facilities more economically and in more environmentally friendly manners, while delivering immaculate results.

Those goals are within reach with NCL’s Chemical Management Systems. NCL knows what makes dispensing systems work, and we have put our 60+ years of expertise into these programs to create simple, cost-effective, and performance-driven dilution systems.


  • High dilution ratios lead to cleaning facilities for pennies per gallon
  • Automated dilution ensures a perfect water to product dilution ratio each and every time
  • No chemical contact for increased worker safety
  • Perfect dilution is accessed by the simple press of a button, allowing even a novice to dilute perfectly
  • Precise dilution reduces waste and cost overruns
  • Super concentrated formulas require less packaging, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Wide variety of products provides the versatility to save on maintenance costs in multiple environments within a facility
  • High flow-into-mop buckets/automatic scrubbers and low-flow-into-spray bottles are both obtainable
  • Super concentrated chemical cleaning products come with bi-lingual concentrate and secondary labels, with icons for easy product identification
  • Option of either portable or wall mountable systems
  • Chemical cleaning products specifically designed to work with specific dilution equipment are less likely to be taken home by employees for personal home use
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