NCL University

National Chemical Laboratories, Inc. is proud to offer its World Class Product System Training Program. Proper training is a must for Distributors, including Distributor Owners and Distributor Sales Representatives.

For our prospective students, training is held at our state-of-the-art 8, 000 square foot Training Center, located in beautiful, historic Philadelphia. This training center contains a theater (seating up to 80 people) with a modern audio-visual system for educational seminars. Adjacent to the theater is the surface room, with over thirty different flooring / fixture / vertical surfaces for hands-on-training.

For Distributors, you can learn fresh new approaches to sales presentations, strengthen your product knowledge on the complete NCL line and learn the latest techniques in maintaining a wide variety of surfaces and how to solve problems with NCL products.

To learn more about the NCL University and upcoming training seminars, please call 800-628-2436, or email

NCL University Online

For those of you who cannot attend live training sessions in Philadelphia or for those of you who are end-users and want to experience the same industry leading training that distributors and contractors benefit from, here is an opportunity to expand the knowledge base of you and your staff without leaving your facility. Online courses are available in multiple subjects. Study and train at your own pace, right on your computer!

Individuals who go through the training can learn about:

  • Resilient Tile Floor Care
  • Carpet Care
  • Restroom Cleaning and Sanitization
  • Green Cleaning Products and Procedures
  • Hardwood Floor Care procedures
  • Marble / Terrazzo / Granite and Other Natural Stone Surfaces
  • Ceramic Tile Restoration and Maintenance
  • The science behind cleaning chemicals
  • Latest trends and break-through’s in the industry
  • To learn more about the NCL University and upcoming training seminars, please call 800-628-2436 or email

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