Carpet Care

A New Approach in Carpet Technology

Your facility’s carpet provides a combination of beauty, vibrant color, and comfort for employees and guests.

Proper maintenance of your carpeting investment will provide extended fiber life and performance.

You need the proven formulations found in the Carpet Care Solutions™ System from National Chemical Laboratories to insure beautifully clean carpets.

Carpet Care Solutions™ is a comprehensive system of cleaners, spot removers, protectors and accessory products offering your facility a simple, cost effective program for maintaining carpets.

Carpet Care Solutions incorporates two new and exciting encapsulation technologies, EPT™ - Powder Encapsulation Technology and our exclusive, premium quality ECT™ - Crystal Encapsulation Technology.

Carpet Care Solutions™ will solve your most challenging carpet maintenance problems. The result is exceptionally clean, beautiful carpeting that stays cleaner longer!

How does encapsulation technology work?

Encapsulation technology formulas release soil from carpet fiber, surround or encapsulate the soil, and finally, upon drying, form a non-sticky powder that can be easily removed with a vacuum.

At NCL, our high performance encapsulation technology (EPT™) utilizes an exclusive blend of powerful cleaning surfactants that dry to an easily removable powder.

Our premium quality encapsulation technology, ECT™ takes the encapsulation process one step further by incorporating specialized crystalline forming ingredients.

Premium ECT™ encapsulation results in the driest crystalline residue that is available in carpet care products today.

Products based on encapsulation technology are an integral part of a Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Program. Encapsulation technology reduces the demand for water in the carpet cleaning process.

Encapsulation technology eliminates sticky detergent residues that require large amounts of rinse water to flush them out. Using less water reduces or eliminates discoloration caused by wicking.

Encapsulation technology results in carpets that are cleaner and dramatically reduces re-soiling, extending the life of the carpet, improving indoor air quality, and reducing labor costs.


Surrounds or Encapsulates Soil
Vacuums out easily
Dries to a non-sticky powder
Reduces re-soiling
Lengthens time between cleanings
Extends life of the carpet
Improves indoor air quality
Reduces labor costs

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