Single Button Dispenser

  • Description

    An economical way to dispense automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets or other containers at the touch of a button.  Control dilution accurately for one product.

    Code: 4142, 4143
    Packaging: Each
  • Specifications

    • Low Flow4143
    • High Flow4142
  • Disinfectant Efficacy

  • Documentation

    Product Flyers, Brochures, and Equipment Manuals Uni-Power Installation Instructions
  • Directions

    1. Remove cabinet cover. Drill holes for the three wall anchors with a 5/16" drill bit, using the cabinet back as a template for proper spacing of the mounting screws. Install mounting anchors, and then screw in top two anchors. Slide key  holes in cabinet back over screw heads, tighten screws, then install bottom screw. Do not mount more than 6 feet (1.8 meters) above the bottom of the concentrate container, nor below the highest concentrate level (never mount your concentrate higher than the proportioner).

    2. Select a metering tip, and insert into hose barb on eductor body. (Repeat for all eductors.)

    3. Cut supply tubing, and insert into hose barb on eductor body. (Repeat for all eductors.)

    4. Slip other end of supply tube through an opening in either side of the cabinet and push over the hose barb/metering tip on the eductor. (Repeat for all eductors.)

    5. Place foot valve ends of supply tubes into concentrate containers.

    6. A short discharge tube is used with the IGPM eductor; minimum tube length is 8 inches (20cm) for proper operation. Longer tubes (4 feet) are used with a 3.5 GPM eductor. Do not remove the flooding rings from inside the tubes. Slide end of tube with flooding ring over eductor discharge outlet. (Repeat for all eductors) Hooks may be installed on longer tubes to allow discharge tube to conveniently hang from dispenser when not in use.

    7. Replace cabinet cover. Push the sides in, behind the latch holes, to snap the cover in place. The two screws provided may be installed in the holes of the cabinet sides to prevent easy removal of cover.

    8. Connect water supply hose of at least 3/8" ID to water inlet swivel. (Minimum 25 PSI pressure, with water running, is required for proper operation.) Connect opposite end of hose to water supply. Turn water supply on.

    9. Push button to start flow of desired water/concentration solution, and hold until supply tube is primed (filled). Then push the button whenever dispensing is desired. and release button to stop flow of solution.
    If you wish to be able to lock the button in the "on" position: clip or bend the two tabs behind the lower front portion of the button. This allows the button to be fully depressed and allows it to latch in the "on" position. To unlock, pull the button out.
  • Features & Benefits

    • High impact resistant plastic casing
  • Video

  • Safety

    Wear protective clothing and goggles when chemicals or other materials is given. Always follow the safety and handling of chemical manufacturers. usenet always away from you or other people or in approved containers. Always dispense cleaners and chemicals in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Caution to maintain their equipment. Keep equipment clean to ensure proper operation. Wear protective clothing and goggles when working in the vicinity of all chemicals, filling or emptying equipment or changing metering tips. Always reassembles equipment according to the instructions of the procedures. Make sure all components are firmly screwed or locked in position. Connect only to tap water outlets (85 psi maximum)

    If the unit is used to fill a sink or drain hose can be placed in a sink, the unit must be mounted so that the bottom of the box it is above the rim of stack overflow.

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