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    Dispensing simplicity combined with maximum cleaning performance. The Twin Power™ Modular Chemical Dispensing System redefines how you look at chemical management programs. Utilizing true super concentrates that deliver maximum performance every time, increasing cleaning efficiency at your facility while keeping costs in total control.

    • Heavy duty ABS plastic for long life.
    • Easy to install unit with space-saving design.
    • No chemical contact for added worker safety.
    • Exclusive ES-Gap eductor provides complete backflow prevention and broad regulatory acceptance.
    • One dispenser/one bottle for spray & wipe or mop and bucket applications.
    • Locking high flow button enables filling mop buckets or auto scrubbers easily and quickly.
    • Color coded products, with bilingual primary and secondary labeling.
    • Simplifies employee training.



    Code: 4110
    Packaging: Each 13 lb.
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    Product Flyers, Brochures, and Equipment Manuals Twin Power Installation Instructions
  • Directions

    1. Remove cover by pressing tabs under cover.

    2a. Remove unit mounting bracket from back of dispenser by depressing the tabs. 
    2b. Slide bracket down.

    3a. Drill holes for four wall anchors with a 5/16" drill bit. Use the mounting bracket as a template for proper spacing of the mounting screws.
    3b. Install anchors, and then screw into anchors.

    4. Place dispenser on bracket.

    5a. Secure dispenser to bracket by sliding locking bar through the back of unit.
    5b. Replace cover.

    6. Attach short discharge tube on 1 GPM (grey) eductor, then attach longer discharge tube on 3.5 GPM (yellow eductor)

    7. Place hose hook on end of 3.5 GPM discharge tube. Hang on dispenser when not in use.

    8. Connect water supply hose of at least 1/2" ID to water inlet swivel. Min. 25 PSI pressure is required for proper operation. Connect opposite end of hose to water supply. Turn water supply on.

    9. Insert product container into shroud until it locks into place.

    10a. Push button to start flow of desired concentrate solution; release button to stop flow of solution. To lock the High Flow button in the "on" position: press button until it "locks" into place.
    10b. To unlock, press button release lever on the left side of cabinet.

    11. To remove chemical concentrate container, place hand securely under the empty product, slide release lever to the right and pull concentrate container out.


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