Carpet Protector with RESISTAN™

  • Description

    Forms an invisible barrier to protect carpet fiber against dirt, stains and spots. Incorporates our exclusive RESISTAN™ fiber protection technology. Carpeting is easier to clean, extending carpet life. Water-based formula is non-flammable, non-toxic and enhances antistatic properties. Can be applied to any type of carpet.

    Code: 0690
    Packaging: 4 x 1 Gal./Case
  • Specifications

    • Boiling Point (ºF)212
    • Solubility in WaterDispersible
    • pH6.6
    • Density (lbs/gal)8.4
    • FormLiquid
    • ColorWhite
    • Specific Gravity (g/cc)1.01 ± 0.01
  • Disinfectant Efficacy

  • Documentation

    Technical Data Sheet Shield Plus TDS English GHS.pdf Safety Data Sheet SHIELD PLUS SDS English.pdf Secondary Label Shield Plus (Diluted 1-4, 1-8, 1-128) GHS Secondary Label 6 up.pdf
  • Directions

    CARPET PREPARATION: Carpet must be cleaned before treatment. Vacuum carpet and remove spots. Check carpet for color fastness; if OK, proceed to clean carpet using steam extraction method.

    For damp clean carpets: Dilute SHIELD PLUS™ at a rate of 32 oz. per gallon (1:4). Spray solution uniformly over entire carpet at the rate of 1 gallon for each 200 sq. ft. of carpet.

    For dry carpets: Dilute SHIELD PLUS™ at a rate of 16 oz. per gallon (1:8). Spray solution uniformly over entire carpet at the rate of 1 gallon for each 100 sq. ft. of carpet.  After spraying, work product into carpet with a pile setting brush or pile lifter. Brush in one direction after working product into carpet. Wipe product off painted or wood surfaces immediately. Protect carpet by placing aluminum foil or plastic on furniture legs until dry.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Outstanding resistance to soil and dirt / Extends time between cleaning
    • Keeps carpet looking cleaner longer
    • Water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic
    • Resists staining from coffee, juice, tea, wine and medicines
    • Extends carpet life
    • Enhances anti-static properties
  • Video

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  • Safety

    Precautionary statement:
    Prevention: Observe good industrial hygiene practices.
    Response: Wash hands after handling.
    Storage: Store away from incompatible materials.
    Disposal: Dispose of waste and residues in accordance with local authority requirements.
    This product is not known to be a "Hazardous Chemical" as defined by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200. All components are on the U.S. EPA TSCA Inventory List.
    Additional safety measures:
    Read the entire label and SDS before using this product, and for additional first aid measures. SDS for this product is available under the Documents tab.

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