RSC Portable Dispensing Unit


  • Description

    The Portable Dispensing Unit (PDU) is economical and provides a low cost solution for ‘no chemical contact’ dispensing.  The PDU is simple to set-up and safe and easy to use. The PDU is universal, it fits on any Ready...Set...CLEAN!® product container. 

    The PDU is reusable, while inexpensive, it can be used many times to provide an even better long term value.  It is produced from durable polypropylene and designed for long, useful lifetime.

    Code: 4160
    Packaging: 6 units per case
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    There are currently no documents available for this product

  • Directions

    Step 1: Mount Dispensing Unit on Product Bottle: Position RSC Unit on top of the bottle, press down slightly while turning the screw cap clockwise. It should thread on easily, and take 3-4 turns to tighten.

    Step 2: Attach Water Source to the Dispensing Unit: Using a standard garden hose, position the hose end into the threaded coupler. Turn the coupler counter clockwise to tighten. It should thread on easily and take 3-4 turns to tighten.

    Actuate Unit: To actuate the unit and begin water flow, squeeze down on the grey handle. Hold until the solution has been dispensed, and release.

    Locking Trigger: For hands free filling application, use the locking trigger on the top of the grey handle. Push forward to lock it into position, push back to unlock it.

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