RSC Dispensing Complete Kit

RSC Dispensing Complete Kit

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    Complete Kit comes with RSC Dispensing Unit, Filling Nozzle, 6' hose (3/4" standard garden hose fittings), Water Quick Connect Set, and Backflow Preventer. 

    Code: 4161
    Packaging: Each
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  • Directions

    Step 1: Mount Dispensing Unit on Product Bottle. Position RSC Unit on top of the bottle, press down slightly while turning the screw cap clockwise. It should thread on easily, and take 3-4 turns to tighten.

    Step 2: Attach Water Source to the Dispensing Unit using a standard garden hose, position the hose end into the threaded coupler. Turn the coupler counter clockwise to tighten. It should thread on easily and take 3-4 turns to tighten.

    Actuate Unit: To actuate the unit and begin water flow, squeeze down on the grey handle. Hold until the solution has been dispensed, and release.

    Locking Trigger: For hands free filling application, use the locking trigger on the top of the grey handle. Push forward to lock it into position, push back to unlock it.

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