Ultimate Duty Stone Restoration Machine

  • Description

    PRO-SERIES is designed for the most discriminating Professional Stone Maintenance Worker.  The PRO-SERIES Stone Blazer™ unique features include extra wide handle, ergonomically designed Top-Lock™ adjustment system, and extra heavy duty 4 gallon solution tank with 3/8” positive shut-off valve.   Standard features include a fan-cooled, completely enclosed 1.5 horsepower motor that resists dust and moisture penetration and is ideal for use in harsh conditions such as marble or granite maintenance.  With a steel welded frame and added weight capacity of up to 200 lbs. these versatile units can be used for cleaning, crystallization, wet polishing or diamond grinding of marble, granite, limestone, concrete, terrazzo, and other stone surfaces.  Equipped with performance and convenience in mind, PRO-SERIES STONE BLAZER is ready for all stone maintenance tasks... right out of the box.

    Code: 2585 (20")
    Packaging: Each
  • Specifications

  • Disinfectant Efficacy

  • Documentation

    Technical Data Sheet Pro Series Stone Blazer TDS English GHS.pdf Product Flyers, Brochures, and Equipment Manuals Pro Series Stone Blazer Owners Manual Product Flyers, Brochures, and Equipment Manuals World Class Stone Care Solutions Brochure.pdf
  • Directions

    For ease of operation, always keep the brush or pad surface level, balanced, and flat on the floor at all times. Always adjust the operating handle to a comfortable height at which the brush or pad surface is balanced before starting the machine.

    The floor machine will operate differently on various surfaces. For example, there will be much more resistance when the machine is used with a brush on carpeted surfaced than when it is used with a pad on a smooth surface. 

    Begin operating the floor machine with the brush or pad surface level, balanced and flat on the floor. To move the machine to the right, slowly apply slight upward pressure on the handle. To move the machine to the left, slowly apply slight downward pressure on the handle. To move the machine forward or backward, keep brush or pad flat on the floor and push or pull machine in the desired direction. 

  • Features & Benefits

    • Extra Wide 18“ Handle
    • Ergonomic Top-Lock™ handle adjustment system
    • Extra HD 4 gallon solution tank with 3/8” shut off valve
    • 1.5 HP Twin Capacitor Fan-Cooled, totally enclosed motor
    • Equipped with 50’ , 2 Part 12-3 power cord
    • Case-hardened steel gears and coupler
    • All steel assembly
    • Negative pressure switch mechanism
    • Low Current Draw
    • Extra heavy weight
    • 11-1 Gear Box; Triple Idler Planetary Gear Drive
    • 1 each Nat-Stone Diamond Pad Driver
    • 2 ea. 25 pound U-Weights for grinding / polishing applications
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  • Safety

    The Pro Series Stone Blazer floor machine is equipped with a safety switch and lock power switch designed for active safety. Do not attempt to ignore or override the safety lock switch, never use any device to lock the power switch activates the "on" position. Do not leave the floor of the machine when it is plugged in. Turn off the switch and unplug the power cord when not in use and before servicing or changing the brushes or sponges. Do not allow the machine to be used as a toy. Attention is necessary when used near children. Do not leave the machine connected to an electrical outlet of unattended. Use only as described in the product manual. Use only recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use with damaged cord or a plug. If the machine is not working as it should, it has been dropped, damaged or left out, return to a service center before using. Be careful to keep the power cord into contact with the rotating brush or block the unit. Do not pull, closing a door, or pull the cord around sharp edges or corners. Keep the cord away from hot surfaces. Connect the grounding plug. Do not use extension cords or outlets with inadequate current carrying capacity. Disable all controls before unplugging. Do not disconnect pulling the rope. Unplug, pull the plug, not the cord. Never place the cap or floor machine with wet hands. Wrap the cable without the need to conserve during storage. Take special care when working near the stairs. Do not use in conjunction with flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline or use in areas where dust or explosive vapors may be present. Store your plant inside the machine in a cool, dry place. Keep your work area well lit. Warning: To avoid electrical shock, use indoors only.

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