Malodor Counteractant

  • Description

    Exceptional pleasantly fresh fragrance coupled with our exclusive MCA™ Malodor Counteractant offers superior control of offensive odors from restrooms, hotel guest rooms, and other areas where odors are a problem!

    Key Market Information

    Code: 5080
    Packaging: 4 X 80 Oz./Case
  • Specifications

    • pH (concentrate)5.7 ± 0.3
    • DUAL-BLEND® Dilution Ratio1:32
    • Case Yield82.5 gal / 330 qts
    • Specific Gravity (g/cc)1.01 ± 0.01
    • Density (lbs/gal)8.4 ± 0.1
    • Solubility in waterComplete
    • Malodor CounteractantYes
    • ColorClear orange liquid
    • OdorPleasantly fresh
    • Flash PointNone
  • Disinfectant Efficacy

  • Documentation

    Technical Data Sheet DUAL-BLEND 10 Malodor Counteractant TDS English GHS.pdf Safety Data Sheet DUAL-BLEND 10 SDS English.pdf Safety Data Sheet DUAL-BLEND 10 RTU (1-32) SDS English.PDF Product Training Documents DB 10 Malodor Concentrate Training Document English.pdf Product Flyers, Brochures, and Equipment Manuals DUAL-BLEND Brochure.pdf Secondary Label DB 10 (1-32) GHS Secondary Label 6 up.pdf Product Flyers, Brochures, and Equipment Manuals World Class Restroom Cleaning Solutions Brochure.pdf
  • Directions

    DISPENSING DIRECTIONS:  Attach DUAL-BLEND® bottle by threading the bottle onto the wall unit mating cap or DUAL-BLEND® Portable Dispensing Unit and tighten securely.  

    NOTE: The DUAL-BLEND® bottle is designed for use with the DUAL-BLEND® Wall Dispenser and the DUAL-BLEND® Portable Dispensing Unit. Dilution tips built into the product containers provide precise, accurate dilution for every product, every time, regardless of dispensing equipment chosen.  

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Dispense MALODOR COUNTERACTANT solution from the DUAL-BLEND® Dispensing Unit into a sprayer, mop bucket or automatic scrubber at a dilution rate of 1:32 (4 oz per gallon). Use cold tap water only.  
    For Spraying Applications:  Use as a space spray in indoor areas or outdoors on garbage, industrial wastes, incinerators, kennels, sewage lagoons, sludge beds and other areas where odors are a problem.  
    Additive for Cleaners:  Add diluted deodorizer to cleaning solutions or to laundry.  Provides immediate and long term control of malodors on floors, carpets, upholstery, furniture, cars, clothing, bedding, etc without staining.

    NOTE:  Improper use or dilution may cause damage to surfaces, and may increase the risk of health effects.


  • Features & Benefits

    • Proprietary MCA™ odor inhibitors / Immediately controls obnoxious odors
    • Non-flammable
    • Exclusive pleasantly fresh fragrance
    • Beautiful, modern fresh scent
    • Versatile, use in various methods of odor control
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  • Safety

    Precautionary statement:
    Prevention: Observe good industrial hygiene practices.
    Response: Wash hands after handling.
    Storage: Store away from incompatible materials.
    Disposal: Dispose of waste and residues in accordance with local authority requirements.
    This product is not known to be a "Hazardous Chemical" as defined by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200. All components are on the U.S. EPA TSCA Inventory List.
    Additional safety measures:
    Read the entire label and SDS before using this product, and for additional first aid measures. SDS for this product is available under the Documents tab.

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