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    A balanced blend of synthetic and natural fibers, with a “rubberized” texture for added density. This pad is designed for use with electric, battery or propane burnishing equipment. Designed for use with NCL WORLD CLASS and PICTURE PERFECT Floor Finish.

    Code: 2118
    Packaging: Pads sizes 21” and 24”, packed 5 per case
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  • Directions

    Following the directions given on your individual ultra high speed floor machine or stone machine, place the Aqua Magic™ UHS Burnishing Pad on the machine and secure. Use as a dry buffing pad, in conjunction with NCL Spit Shine UHS Burnish for spray buffing, mop-on restoring, auto burnishing, or to polish and restore stone surfaces.

    Turn pads as needed on the machine to prevent build-up on pad.

    Change pad when necessary.

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