Superior resistance to wear, scuffing, black marking, and soil. Single component formula simplifies application and means no mixing and no pot life, yet rivals 2-part finish systems for overall performance! VOC compliant. Reduces down time associated with traditional solvent-based wood floor products; floors are ready for foot traffic in 24 hours. Designed for all types of wood floors; dries crystal clear.

• Breakthrough Technology - single component formula  
   that out-performs even the best two-component systems

• Water-Based Coating is VOC Compliant

• Outstanding Durability - Spectacular durability with a
   gloss that lasts. Superior scuff and scratch resistance

• Simple to Use - Single component formula means no
   mixing and no “pot life”; simple and easy to apply

• Fast Drying - Dramatically reduces downtime for
   re-coating and re-opening floors to traffic


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by NCL Online
Posted 06/14/2011 in news