13" Multi-Purpose Restoration Machine

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    Designed for multi-purpose restoration in a compact and versatile size. The Commercial Blazer™ MP packs a lot of power into a compact 13” design and incorporates a telescoping handle. Its low-amp commercial TEFC powers through tough jobs in extreme conditions with quiet ease.

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    Technical Data Sheet COMMERCIAL BLAZER™ MP TDS Product Flyers, Brochures, and Equipment Manuals Commercial Blazer MP Product Manual
  • Directions

    For ease of operation, always keep the brush or pad surface level, balanced, and flat on the floor at all times. 

    Always adjust the operating handle to a comfortable height at which the brush or pad surface is balanced before starting the machine.

    The floor machine will operate differently on various surfaces. For example, there will be much more resistance when the machine is used with a brush on carpeted surfaced than when it is used with a pad on a smooth surface.  Begin operating the floor machine with the brush or pad surface level, balanced and flat on the floor. To move the machine to the right, slowly apply slight upward pressure on the handle. To move the machine to the left, slowly apply slight downward pressure on the handle. To move the machine forward or backward, keep brush or pad flat on the floor and push or pull machine in the desired direction. 

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