HIgh Performance Diamond Pads

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    Heavy duty diamond pads for floor restoration / preparation for polishing. Available in the following grit sizes: #2305 Green / #50 #2306 Black / #120 #2307 Red / #220 #2308 Yellow / #400 #2309 White / #800 #2310 Blue / #1800

    Code: 2300
    Packaging: Each
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  • Directions

    After determining the severity of wear and scratching on the floor, choose the LUMINIERE™ Diamond Pad grit size that you wish to use to commence preparing the floor for polishing.

    Place 5 discs underneath an NCL STONE BLAZER Stone Restoration Machine on the Velcro receptive Applix™ pad driver. Apply water to surface on which you are working. Using a back / forth motion, thoroughly hone or polish surface, overlapping passes to completely work the surface. Using wet/dry vac, Remove slurry and inspect floor determine if floor is ready for next step. Repeat process with additional diamond grit steps until level of honing / polishing is achieved.

    For final polishing (to bring up a deep, rich gloss), we recommend to use the either NCL MRP Marble Restoration Paste or ONE STEP Spray N’ Buff Crystallizer.

    Follow label directions for best results.

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